Artist: Silencer
Title: Believing
Label: Critical Mass Records
By: Nick Bower | 22 April 2003
  • A1: Original Mix
  • B1: Force Mass Motion Phunk Mix
  • B2: Dylan Rhymes Pressure Tex Mix

Silencer "Believing"

Out Now on Critical Mass Records

Silencer (otherwise known as Force Mass Motion's Mike Wells teamed up with Dylan Rhymes) are back again on the Critical Mass label. Moving in hot on the heels of their last breaks collaboration 'Rollin n Controllin' is their next offering - 'Believing'. For the remix duties they've kept it all in house and split off to produce a remix each under their FFM and Dylan Rhymes names. Alongside the original these two mixes certainly show off each respective artist's talents well.

The original version starts with atmospheric synths and a basic break until a nagging bassline kicks in, joined by a sultry female vocal and soon after a funky bass guitar is unleashed, which is sure to get some dancefloor wiggle going. The funk element runs through the rest of the track till the end, holding all the other parts of the mix together.

Force Mass Motion's remix is a progressive 4/4 stomper, delivering a chuggy bassline. stabby synths and swirling effects surrounding the breathy female vocal. Halfway through a new bassline kicks in, taking the track up a gear and making 'Believing' into altogether more driving number indeed.

Dylan Rhymes' take on things starts as it means to go on - all out gritty tech house, which leaves you in no doubt of the direction the track will take. An upbeat 4/4 kick is partnered by the guitar lick from the original version, mechanical synths drift in and out until the payload of a breakdown featuring the guitar and "believe in us, believe in me" booms in.

Possibly not as instantly infectious and recognisable as 'Rollin n Controllin's fat basslines on 'Believing's original version, however its without doubt with the remixes of the track where Silencer really unleash their best work on this 12".

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