Artist: Sifter & Adan
Title: Heyflicker
Label: Boombox Records
By: Chloe Harris | 14 December 2005
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Digital Breaks Foundation Mix

Sifter & Adan "Heyflicker"

Out Now on Boombox Records

Scot Markland and Adan Salazar recieved great support for thier debut release, 'Didn't Mean To Turn You Off' on BoomBox Records and now thier back with a new release assulting us with some ferocious breaks. 'Heyflicker' is a monsterous tune with big bass, quick tricks, effects, and loops, all topped with a cool synth to keep you glued. On the flip, Digital Breaks Foundation create a sweet remix that drops down deep and caters to a more electronic and melodic world.

Fun old school sounding claps ride along a funky break. Scratchy sounds work in, as some vocal samples are cut up and mixed in as beats. The sounds all waver between the speakers as it all builds and drops staight into a heavy monster of a bassline. A funky groove sets in, but at a break, a voice starts talking as a shock of electronic buzzing takes over the song. Loads of new synths are introduced as they wind up quite a frenzy in the background. The song drops again and falls lower and lower and lower into a downward spiral. Out of the darkness comes a new breakbeat with a grainier texture that builds into a powerful new percussive part. A new bassline pulses it's way in, rubbing the beats. Another good build and another drop, lets the funkier side come back and wiggle us out to the end.

Matt Tanner and Ben Kay are Digital Breaks Foundation and have had success with thier resent single, 'One Inch Punch' for BoomBox. They treat 'Heyflicker' to a massive dose of melody, while keeping it subduded and dark and still very funky. Thick break beats build a solid percussion line as the bass drops engulfing the tune. A cute melodic hook rides on top stabbing between the beats and the samples about darkness. The bass continues to groove while an ambient snyth plays in the background, growing with every beat that booms. At the first break a new synth is introduced. It wiggles and changes tone building dramatically with the stabs and ambient tone. Out of nowhere the main hook comes back in popping the beats off once more. An explosion of sound rides along before dropping again into a break. The sounds all mellow as the beats drive along to a new cute bouncing synth that makes the song pop off for its last time.

'Heyflicker' has already gained massive support from James Zabiela, Lee Coombs, Meat Katie and many other big wigs proving it's intensity on the dancefloor around the world. The Boom Box crew are at it again wtih another solid breaks release by Sifter & Adan.

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