Artist: Sieg & Mouzakis Feat Kriste Lee
Title: Talking In Your Sleep
Label: Plastica
By: Chloe Harris | 12 August 2003
  • A: S & M Main Pass
  • B: Deep Faktory Dub

Sieg & Mouzakis Feat Kriste Lee "Talking In Your Sleep"

Out Now on Plastica

Sieg & Mouzakis are up with their second single for Plastica, called ‘Talking In Your Sleep’. It’s a tribal stomper with the lovely robotic vocals of Kriste Lee. Layers of heavy drums, and breaky intricacies keep this haunting tune groovy. The ‘S & M Main Pass’ mix is a big tune, while the ‘Deep Factory Dub’ creates a nice warm up mood.

The ‘S & M Main Pass’ mix pounds in for a great start. Thunderous drumming takes the song into some clippings of Kriste Lee’s voice. She has a very nice tone, and just comes ever so often. The drums are the force of this song; heavy, dark, stomping, and chugging, with a nice rolling bassline underneath. Tons of cut up edits keep your attention and keep the song moving. A strange sweeped sound comes in spreading in between both of the speakers. Into the break, Kriste’s voice get’s sucked into a vacuum. She’s metallic and strange, but still nice in the mix. Nice reverbs come back in with the drums, as we dance our way to the end.

The ‘Deep Factory Dub’ is a stripped down version. A dubbed kick bounces along with toms that are delayed. Her voice is just little snips of sound. Trippy effects create the ambience, and move the song to the break. Her voice comes in layers, quiet, chilled, and gated. Nice layers of sounds, and a bit more of a synth in this version. A nice dubbed out tune for warm up or for those deeper moments.

‘Talking In Your Sleep’ has already received major support, and is sure to do as much damage as their first release. A pounding tune that will keep the dance floor moving.

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