Artist: Sideshow
Title: Philly Soundworks EP
Label: Aus Music
By: Andy Dixon | 3 January 2007
  • A1: Original Mix
  • A2: Jesse Rose Mix
  • B1: Lee Jones Mix

Sideshow "Philly Soundworks EP"

Out Now on Aus Music

'Philly Soundworks' from is the brain session of Sideshow, released on AUS Music a sister label of Simple. AUS, started early 2006 by Sideshow's only member Fink and Simple founder and friend Will Saul, is another niche label devoted to techno, house, and electro.

The 'Original Mix' is inspired by "the energy and bounce of the early go-go scene in Philly" according to the label, and without first hand experience go-going in the city of brotherly love, one can only hope they captured it. What Fink did achieve is a full bodied house track with a good vibe and an upbeat tempo; piano chords and rolling drum patterns add house ties to techy roots.

The 'Jesse Rose Mix' is much like the original, except with more grit and energy. Utilizing the piano hits and percussive beats from Sideshow but with extenuated effects and modulation, Jesse Rose creates an exuberance beyond the expectations.

The second interpretation is from Lee Jones, who takes it in the opposite direction with a more dubby, chilled out track. Added pads and a smooth rolling bassline create a fun down tempo, but with a tech house melody in the last two minutes it keeps from being pigeon holed.

The influence of electro elements on progressive and tech house will greatly benefit labels like AUS and Simple who cross breed genres to the new sound, especially with releases like this which have more to offer than your typical one trick pony.

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