Artist: Sideshow
Title: Admit One
Label: Aus Music
By: Ryan Simoneau | 6 March 2009
  1. Television (Feat Cortney Tidwell)
  2. Sequential Dub
  3. If Alone (Feat Paul St. Hilaire)
  4. African Cherry
  5. French Model In Dub (Feat Samar)
  6. Bottletop (Feat Tina Grace)
  7. Youth Of Today
  8. Admit One
  9. These Things I See In My Vision
  10. Strung Outro

Sideshow "Admit One"

Out Now on Aus Music

Fin Greenwall’s second full-length album as Sideshow, “Admit One”, sees the talented producer drop a modern dub album for the ages. Inspired by the classical dub stylings of heavyweights such as King Tubby and Scientist while also embracing the more modern take on the genre from the likes of Basic Channel and Noiseshaper. Fin and company utilizes live instrumentation with sonic exploration to deliver a dub album that feels both vintage and futuristic.

However, at the onset, dub takes a backseat, as opening track “Television”, featuring the vocals of Courtney Tidwell, is a straight up melodic, indie-rock number. This tune has none of the heavy Jamaican aroma that permeates the rest of the album but it’s an early highlight and will have you instantly hooked.

After that unique opener/departure, it’s as if the ghost of King Tubby entered the studio. The dub-wise “Sequential Dub” sounds so smooth, it’s as if it could have been cut by the King himself back in the 70’s. Another treat is the guest vocals of the always on-point, Paul St. Hilaire, who features on “If Alone”. Here he’s at his finest, on a tune that rivals even his best work with Rhythm & Sound.

The sexy French vocals of Samar combined with Greenwall’s tight grooves are a match made in dub heaven on the aptly titled “French Model”. But Fin knows a great dub album features minimal vocals and “Admit One” boasts plenty of diverse dubstramentals too. “African Cherry”, “Bottletop Dub” and the pulsating “Youth of Today” are all scorching dubs that are never dull nor sound the same.

The modern vibe returns at the end of the album on “These Things I See In My Vision” before giving way to the down-tempo echoes on the closing number “Strung Outro”. The latter makes great use of strings and its trip-hop flourishes. But fear not, the reggae roots are still ever present as a wash of echo chamber effects swirl around this stunning closer.

Combining all that’s great about 70’s dub reggae with the modern sonic pulse of today, “Admit One” is the perfect joint for after hours listening. While not at all an electronic album, dub reggae has always been one of the forefathers to the scene. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for something that will sound great no matter the season or circumstances. So turn on and tune out because dub music, it’s a beautiful thing.

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