Artist: Shmuel Flash
Title: Saturn / The Other Side Of Me
Label: Nascent Recordings
By: Simon Jones | 26 January 2004
  • A: Saturn
  • B: The Other Side Of Me

Shmuel Flash "Saturn / The Other Side Of Me"

Out Now on Nascent Recordings

The Flash Brothers have been one of the most dominating production outfits in the past few years, with releases on numerous labels, varying from the now defunct Hooj, to other labels such as Distraekt, Release Records and Silver Planet. The youngest of the brothers, Shmuel Flash has also had solo work and collaborations released on Yoshitoshi, Bedrock and CP Recordings to name but a few, further promoting himself and his family, and now joins the Nascent Recordings roster with a new AA side single featuring the tracks 'Saturn' and 'The Other Side Of Me'.

'Saturn' is a new track by Shmuel that draws on his more recent funky style, a wicked bassline led groove ripping it up at the heart of the track, whilst a twisted electronic hook sneaks up from behind and adds a new dimension to the track. Guitar riffs and big beats join the fray, evolving the sound once more as the pace builds to a finish that will take things nicely into the more uptempo section of set.

'The Other Side Of Me' is a more melodic track from Shmuel, based around looped percussion and deep beats which form a tight hypnotic groove from the start. Sounds rise and expire on the surface as waves of uplifting synths begin to rise above the driving bass, as the beats continue to skitter along, moving into the synth led break where each wave of melody crosses the other, as low vocal tones filter through from underneath. The melody swells, washing over the beats as they come back in, ending the track on an emotive high.

Two very different and unique tracks from Shmuel Flash that may not have the immediate impact of his classic 'Chilling Moments', but have a deeper quality which you should take time to appreciate.

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