Artist: Shmuel Flash
Title: Merc
Label: Release Grooves
By: Simon Jones | 26 March 2004
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: J-Groove Mix

Shmuel Flash "Merc"

Out Now on Release Grooves

Yet another single from Shmuel Flash drops through the letterbox as the second wave of Flash Brothers releases continues. 'Merc' has been circulating between a select few for some time now, and was quickly signed up by Release as soon as they heard it. It's addictive bassline and groove typify exactly what Release Grooves is all about, so it's right at home where it belongs.

Shmuel's 'Original Mix' combines old skool elements with modern arrangements, with the result being a driving percussive number that will instantly grab the attention of those who were larging it up way back at the birth of acid house, but with added melodic elements and floating pads, beefs up the bassline and you just have to watch this cheeky number develop to know how it rocks the floor, and that it does with ease.

Toronto native 'J-Groove' sticks to the same funky template, but reconstructs the track from the ground up, layering some unique electronic sounds throughout the groove and dropping a drifting guitar riff solo over the vibrant bassline that cuts through the centre of the mix. The melody is stripped down and used sparingly with some big stabs coming into play. Whilst J-Groove doesn't really change up the groove that much from the original, the sounds and arrangements he puts to use make this a superb alternative to the original.

Release Grooves have their biggest release yet with this latest offering from Shmuel Flash, and with a massive single from Paranoid Jack looming on the horizon, this little baby of the Release family looks likely to become as prominent as it's siblings.

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