Artist: Shiloh
Title: Vice
Label: Floppy Discs
By: Darren Rhys | 15 November 2006
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Luke Chable 'Frock Rockn Socket' Mix

Shiloh "Vice"

Out Now on Floppy Discs

Brothers Colin and Justin Moreh will be better known to you as slick Canadian production outfit Shiloh. Having gained a foothold in the progressive scene thanks to acclaimed releases on labels such as Electrofly, Baroque and Hope, the quality of their output spanning several years has remained remarkably consistent. Latest offering 'Vice' marks the start of Shiloh's highly anticipated Floppy Discs label.

Having witnessed a number of paradigm shifts throughout Shiloh's musical adventure thus far, 'Vice' is typically on the pulse of the world's cooler dancefloors, a tough house track with attitude and drive. Pounding beats compliment a monstrous bassline, while prominent rides and hi-hats flutter regally around the track's axis. Some classy fx and random noises add a great sense of spontaneity. A huge lead rises to the fore before crashing us into the breakdown, though it's not long before a sweeping percussive filter sends us rip-roaringly into the finale. A higher octave square lead strikes like a bolt of lightning towards the track's close, adding further energy and closing what is a mightily impressive return from Shiloh.

If the Original Mix isn't enough to entice a catalogue of spasmodic dancefloor movements, Shiloh have recruited one of the biggest players in dance music production for remix duties, Australia's Luke Chable. His 'Frock Rockn Socket Mix' utilises some of the key fx and melodic elements of Vice in a largely unaltered state. Yet it is thanks to a simply ridiculous and dancefloor-destroying bass synth that Chable makes his monumental mark on the release. Whether it be at home or on the club dancefloor, Chable's astonishing production prowess and an ever-changing arrangement ensures that interest is never lost. Much like fans of the the Canadian brothers, fans of Chable's work will have witnessed a marked evolving of style in recent years. Yet once again he has proved he is not for pigeon-holing with an utterly genuine, aggressive, electro-infused house production which will be the peak-time monster for a bundle of DJ's.

An exciting first release for Floppy Discs, 'Vice' hints at the future of the label with its tough, dancefloor-driven nature. If you're a fan of Shiloh's past work, you will be suitably impressed with the quality of this production. The calling of their friend Luke Chable for remix duties was an inspired one, with the Aussie talent showcasing why he has become one of the most sought-after artists in dance music.

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