Artist: Shiloh
Title: Swerve
Label: Electrofly Records
By: Simon Jones | 28 August 2003
  • A: Trail Mix
  • B: Original Mix

Shiloh "Swerve"

Out Now on Electrofly Records

The brothers Moreh, Justin and Colin have had what you could call a stroke of luck, but by no means a fluke. As Shiloh, they came out of practically nowhere to impact the music scene in a big way with their debut single 'Will U Ever Come Around', grabbing the attention of both the purist breaks and more progressive inclined djs the world over. Quite how you follow up such universal appreciation is always a tough thing to do. But will 'Swerve' do just that. Are Shiloh just lightning in a bottle, or will lightning strike twice. Time to find out..

First up is Shiloh's own 'Trail Mix'. Here they revisit the original and update it with two things in mind. The dancefloor.. and pure carnage. Lush melodies shimmer through compacted beat arrangements as the mix gets underway, but it's when the rippling electro groove enters the fray that things start to get interesting. The beats separate as the momentum shifts, the throbbing bass clearing a path for the huge gated synth hooks that rise out of the beats, and this is where the track explodes. Just watch the reaction on the dancefloor when this happens. This beauty will leave jaws dropped to the floor in it's wake.

The other side sees Shiloh opt for the downtempo vibe again as the 'Original Mix' focuses more on the intricate melodies and a Spanish guitar style hook that features predominantly. Shuffling beats and mini drops keep the groove interesting, and once again you would have to look towards artists such as Orbital and Leftfield for a comparison, as Shiloh build on the roots forged by some of the progressive scene's finest, bringing it into the 21st century with their own unique and timeless style.

With two great singles now under their belts, the Shiloh express is now building momentum, with releases on Baroque and Method and a remix of the classic 'Prophecy' by Insight to look forward to by the end of the year. Then there's more to come on Electrofly, with several more singles leading up to the debut long player. This label is not just flying, it's electrifying.

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