Artist: Shiloh
Title: Imok / Ruok
Label: Rococo Records
By: Antonella Sirec | 11 January 2007
  • A: Imok
  • B: Ruok

Shiloh "Imok / Ruok"

Out Now on Rococo Records

No strangers to the world of dance music, brothers Justin and Colin Moreh have over recent years gradually been building a steady platform of production work under their better known psuedonym of Shiloh. Much like their live performances, each new release has created excitement amongst not only fans of dance music but fellow producers such as Luke Chable. With a much anticipated compilation set for release this year, this talented duo kick things off for 2007 with the release of 'Imok' and 'Ruok'.

First up is the impressive sounding Imok that begins on a grunting beat intertwined with warped synths. Gradually, a very moody low-end melody is drawn in along with layers of atmospheric synths that weave in and out and around the varying chords. As the tempo of the tune picks up, a more dominant melody really comes into play with a few added sound effects to strengthen the overall feel of the track. As the tune kicks into full gear, you sense it's the type of composition that climbs and falls at varying intervals to emphasise its dramatic elements. The underlying melody that is constant throughout has a certain depth that keeps the tune on a very moody keel but despite this that more dominant melody is what keeps drawing that track into the more uplifting side of progressive. As it dips and peaks throughout, the melody and its accompanying effects really come together to create a very dynamic and appealing tune that is in many ways a teaser. This is an epic sounding track that will benefit greatly from being played on a massive but crisp sound system. As the track draws to a close, you can’t help but feel as if you've been playing some sort of cat and mouse game with all the varying layers of melody, synths and effects that have blended together so successfully.

While 'Imok' was great way to start this new release from Shiloh, it's 'Ruok' that's the shining star amongst the two. The track opens almost coyly with the sound of a padded beat while a warm melody is soon introduced. As the track glides along at a pleasant pace, piano like chords are overlayed which in turn drive the direction of the track towards the more jubilant side of sound. In the background, an intricate riff is underplayed but gradually brought to the foreground on a subtle level. While the tune has thus far been progressing at a constant pace, a quiet break in form soon follows as the varying layers of melody soon begin to ascend in a climactic manner. This only adds to the anticipation of the track as 'Ruok' now quite literally explodes into a majestic sounding number infused with high-octane chords and synths. I have no doubt that this particular track is going to attract a lot of attention from not only current fans of Shiloh's work but garner new fans as well. More then anything, it's definitely going to cause a stir on dance floors around the world. As the track begins to wind down, I can't help but want more of this particular serving. Simply put, it's fantastic.

Overall, this is yet another example of the superb talent that is Shiloh. While 'Imok' is the slightly moodier of the two, there's no denying that the overlying melody gives it an infectious and dance worthy flavour. However, for me, it's 'Ruok' that stands out as the real winner on this release. From the outset, this track grabs your attention and never really lets go. The breakdown and then eventual explosion of sound is spectacular to my ears and I've forgotten how many times I've hit repeat just so I can hear that again. As producers, Shiloh continue to release fantastic tunes that are instantly recognisable as progressive house while maintaining a constant abundance of youthful energy. This particular release is definitely going to keep fans happily sustained until the release of 'Café del Mariachi' which is just around the corner. Fantastic work!

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