Artist: Shiloh
Title: Elements 001
Label: Baroque Records
By: Antonella Sirec | 16 March 2007
  1. Manuel Dela Mare - Genesis (The Fruit Mix)
  2. Filo & Peri - Electric Funk (Lys & Gigi Mix)
  3. Phatjak - So High (James Harcourt Mix)
  4. Danny Armstrong - Kill The Machines / Sign Language
  5. Shiloh - Lines
  6. James Harcourt - Tease
  7. R-Tem - MSFG (Electro Mix)
  8. Filo & Peri Vs Serge Devant - Triple Crown
  9. Joel Armstrong - After Later
  10. Gareth Emery Presents Runaway - Outrageous

Shiloh "Elements 001"Shiloh "Elements 001"

Out Now on Baroque Records

A name that has been synonymous with quality electronic dance music over a long period of time is undoubtedly the well-established Baroque Records. Having released what many consider the most seminal tracks to define progressive house including Odessi's 'Moments Of Space' and Quivver's 'Boz Boz', to name two, 2007 sees the label return to the compilation game with the release of their new 'Elements' series. Helming the inaugural mix are brothers Justin and Colin Moreh who are better known by their production moniker, Shiloh. The brothers Moreh were given free hand to edit all the tracks included in this mix, the end result proves to be an enjoyable debut mix from this ridiculously talented duo. Barring a few minor imperfections, the mix traverses through the varying layers that encompass the progressive house sound while Shiloh add their own touch to each track to pique the listener’s musical palette.

Elements 001 kicks off on a promising tip with the very groovey Manuel Dela Mare track 'Genesis' in the guise of The Fruit Mix. This inaugural tune successfully lays the foundations of what to expect for the next hour of the mix. This particular groove laden tip continues effortlessly with the introduction of the Lys & Gigi Mix of 'Electric Funk' by Filo & Peri. While slightly more bass heavy then its predecessor, the inclusion of this tune takes things up a notch to a nice and bouncy level. For me, this is already a standout track and begs me to wonder what it would be like to hear in a club environment. With the mix still at an early part, I was eagerly left to wonder what else I was in for.

Up next is the James Harcourt Mix of Phatjak's infectious 'So High', which continues to maintain that bouncy feel that has thus far dominated the mix. While peppered with zips, bleeps and other assorted sound effects, the underlying bumping beat of 'So High' is a booty shaker of the best kind. Following on smoothly and taking the mix into a slightly darker feel, we're introduced to Shiloh's two track "mashup" of Danny Armstrong's 'Kill The Machines/Sign Language'. With this, the mix takes on a more electro feel without losing any of its predominant progressive feel and thankfully never moves completely into the electro sound. Quite simply, this is an epic feeling composition that benefits from its soaring breakdown and backbeat kicking in to take the listener on a proper dance infused ride.

Complimenting the Danny Armstrong tune quite well and continuing a subtle electro feel is Shiloh's own original production in the guise of 'Lines'. With its womping bass and robotic vocal effects, the track continues to carry that underlying groove that has been abundant within the mix so far. But it’s with James Harcourt's 'Tease', which comes up next, that the mix now swings easily into tougher territory. This particular track has such a relentless and somewhat menacing feel, I can't but feel I'm in the middle of a non-stop high-octane samurai game and I'm actually winning for a change. The continuous pulsating feel of 'Tease' is truly hypnotic and a definite highlight of this compilation.

It's at this stage that I would have liked the mix to stay on that dark, rumbling tip, unfortunately it reverts to a more typical electro sound with the Electro Mix of R-Tem's 'MSFG'. While there are some enjoyable moments in this number especially the more melodic aspects of its sound, I generally felt it was a sound that didn't need to be revisited so quickly at this point in time. To be precise, something like Shiloh's own superb production, 'Cafe del Mariachi', especially the Nick Warren remix, would have been a better choice and would have grasped more impact in this part of the mix. However, for me, this is only a minor glitch in the mix so far.

And as quickly as that electro sound came, so does it leave when Filo & Peri Vs Serge Devant's 'Triple Crown' comes into play. This is such a warm yet moody number and with its distinct gliding melody, it just grows and grows in texture and quite literally had the ability to carry me completely into another state of mind. With the compilation almost at an end, the sliding snares and chopped up bass of Joel Armstrong's 'After Later' slides seamlessly into what is quite possibly the best finale track I've heard on a compilation for quite sometime. Gareth Emery Presents Runaway's 'Outrageous' is a sheer touch of brilliance and musical splendour. Outrageous may be the title but this is a stunning piece of progressive music, rich with warm melodic riffs, that entices the listener to hit repeat on more then one occasion. A fabulous way to end an enjoyable mix as it kept me wanting more.

As a whole mix, Shiloh's first foray into the compilation market is an enjoyable and very danceable piece of work that primarily focuses on a more progressive sound with added facets of a subtle electro feel. Listening to this, I can't help but feel it's successfully captured the sound of their live performances and will undoubtedly give those unfamiliar with their body of DJ work a solid idea as to what to expect. But from my perspective to tackle a medium such as a compilation is a different kind of beast and as such, I was expecting something more from this talented duo. To be precise, the overall feel of this mix was far too safe and as a result, it's not pushing any new boundaries. While the execution is very well done, the end result left me feeling as though I'd heard this all before.

At just a touch over one hour, I think the mix could have benefited from being fleshed out for another fifteen minutes or so of tunes and slightly more careful programming with the end result heralding a smoother journey to that all important last track. This would have given the overall tone of the mix a much more powerful impact. While the first half of the mix ran quite smoothly in terms of sound and feel, the latter part consisted of too quick style changes that alternated between electro and progressive. But with those minor flaws aside, 'Elements 001' is a fun and enjoyable mix that will please many and get people moving which, at the end of the day, is all that really counts.

There are some moments of pure brilliance that left me thinking "what the hell is that?" with such beauties as Danny Armstrong's 'Kill The Machines / Sign Language' and Gareth Emery Presents Runaway's 'Outrageous'. As such, there's no denying that the duo have a great ear for selecting tunes that will leave a lasting impression on a listener's mind. As this is their first compilation, I have no doubt that Shiloh's future journeys in this area will continue to grow and develop in the same successful manner as their production careers.

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