Artist: Shiloh
Title: Dream On (Remixes)
Label: Baroque Records
By: Simon Jones | 24 February 2006
  • A: Luke Chable Mix
  • B: Shiloh Mix

Shiloh "Dream On (Remixes)"

Out Now on Baroque Records

Three years have passed since 'Will U Ever Come Around' introduced us to the Moreh brothers Colin and Justin, and since then they have come such a long way, with over 10 singles under their belt, and a remixography that spans labels such as Sunkissed, 19Box and Release, to name but a few, reworking artists that include Quivver and Madoka. Three years on, and they have finally completed their debut artist album 'Bleed' which will be released in the Spring on Baroque, and to get us in the mood for that eagerly anticipated album is this remix 12" of the classic 'Dream On'.

Luke Chable has earned a reputation for his big room remixes over the last few years, and his reinterpretation of 'Dream On' is yet another to add to the ever growing list. Building upon the template of the original, Chable rearranges the elements slightly, building the mix slowly until a big melody rises through and takes over, turning the mix on it's axis. The dirty guitar lead that roars during the break takes the intensity of the mix through the roof, and is a guaranteed reaction maker on the dancefloor. Whilst his remixes are now few and far between, Chable still knows how to deliver.

The 'Original Mix' is still a huge progressive breaks opus, with Shiloh's driving style stamped all over it. Hard hitting beats and deep bass create an amazing soundscape oozing atmosphere and depth, with lots of cool electronic elements bubbling right at the heart of the groove. The Drifting melodies conceal the vocal hook provided by none other than Colin Moreh, with a bass guitar refrain lending itself to the pumping energy of the track.

'Dream On' has been a personal favourite for some time, and this remix package ahead of the release of the new album is most welcome. With Chable and Shiloh having collaborated on some material for the album, plus another pairing for the debut release on Shiloh's new Floppy Discs imprint, 2006 has all the hallmarks of being Shiloh's biggest year to date.

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