Artist: Shauna Solomon
Title: You Are
Label: Baroque Records
By: Simon Jones | 20 September 2004
  • A: Evolved Mix
  • B: Evolved Dub

Shauna Solomon "You Are"

Out Now on Baroque Records

Following on from the massive release from Ryukyu Underground, Baroque return with a new release from Shauna Solomon. Produced by Evolved's Al Camera', 'You Are' is another track to emerge from the stable that has given us releases on Plastic Fantastic, Sondos and many other labels, but how does this latest addition to the Baroque catalogue fare?

Well, both the 'Evolved Mix' and 'Evolved Dub' borrow from that dark and dirty template that DJs such as Steve Lawler love to hammer out in their sets. Both deep and dark percussive mixes, the 'Vocal Mix' has a smooth vocal lead and big funky drums. Sounding very much like Creamer & K's remix of Kosheen's 'Hide U' this mix sounds like it could have been written around the same time and doesn't really push the ideas forward in any way at all, but does the job nevertheless.

The 'Dub Mix' on the other hand drops the vocal and leaves a satisfying dirty little club mix that moisten the loins of even the most stubborn person the dancefloor. A stomping, twisted mix for those deep mid to peak time sets, the likes of which you will often hear Sasha and Digweed drop to wild response.

I will admit that whilst the Evolved sound has never been for me and I've never seen the appeal, the production is always top notch. For the DJs who like something from the deeper and darker end of the spectrum these are two mixes that you may find appealing, but overall, one has to ask whether it's all been done before. After the heights reached with the impressive 40th landmark release, Baroque have slid back down with this release, but hopefully this is short lived. Time will tell.

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