Artist: Serge Devant Vs Filo & Peri
Title: Triple Crown
Label: Baroque Records
By: Antonella Sirec | 12 January 2007
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Shiloh Mix

Serge Devant Vs Filo & Peri "Triple Crown"

Out Now on Baroque Records

With only a few short weeks into another new year, there seems to already be a plethora of quality music being released from both new labels and the more established ones. One label that fits neatly into the later description is the much respected Baroque Records. Having released many much loved tunes over the years, January sees the release of a collaborative effort between Serge Devant and Filo & Peri in the guise of 'Triple Crown' which kicks things off for the label in veritable style for 2007.

The original mix of ‘Triple Crown’ is an energetic number that starts things off with a vigorous beat before literally swirling into a low-key melodic respite. This mild break only lasts for a few short seconds before the full force of the track kicks in and then its off on a ride of beats and harmonious shifts. With a number of melodic riffs in varying keys pleasantly intertwined throughout, 'Triple Crown' comes to another breakdown with the sound of swirling synths. Once again when the track kicks back in, it charges forward but this time at a less frantic pace. It was only after a few listens that I noticed that at this point a number of spliced sound effects can be heard subtly in the background which contribute to the more interesting elements on this composition. It stays on this particular path for the remainder of the track and as the track draws to a close, the tempo becomes somewhat mellower before finishing to the sound of minute filtered synths.

'Triple Crown' is a thoroughly enjoyable piece of music that will find an instant home in many peak time sets. While I don’t think it's particularily original by any stretch of the imagination as I feel I've heard this type of track before, there are however a few interesting production nuances that have been incorporated, which will pique interest amongst fans of this type of sound.

Coming in on the flipside is the brilliant remix by Shiloh. Opening with cutting synths and a subdued underlying melody, a rolling bass soon comes in and takes control of the track. As a quick key change and sound effects are brought in, the tempo picks up slightly and carries the track on this constant pace for its duration. At the halfway point, a teasing melody is literally pulled in and grows in strength before spinning out and allowing the track to take off again. It's at this point that in the hands of Shiloh, 'Triple Crown' really comes into its own as a composition that will make people stand up and pay attention. For me, it's all about that bass that warbles throughout which is leveled out perfectly in time with that soaring melody. Brooding along at this particular pace, the melody now remains as a prolific centre piece until the end when the track comes to a sudden final halt. This is truly one hell of a remix and is easily different from its original counterpart.

I'm beginning to think that Shiloh are production freaks. They've taken the main elements of the original version of 'Triple Crown' and reinvented the track into a deeper, more hypnotic tune. That bass that I love so much has such a slow burning growl to it that I almost expect it to literally jump up and bite me. From my perspective, the sign of a successful remix is when it actually sounds better then the original. In Shiloh's hands, their remix of 'Triple Crown' is the real winner on this release.

From an overall view, this is a very enjoyable release from the likes of Serge Devant and Filo & Peri. The original version of 'Triple Crown' is a track that is simply full of energetic vibes and while not overly original in its concept, it will however make many fans get up and shake a thing or two. But without a doubt, it's the Shiloh interpretation of this particular tune that is the star here. With it's deep penetrating bass and soaring melodics, it's the kind of track that will stand out by a mile and definitely turn heads. Highly recommended.

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