Artist: Sebastien Leger
Title: Pluton / Saturn
Label: Mistakes Music
By: Andrew Bilen | 11 July 2007
  • A: Pluton
  • B: Saturn

Sebastien Leger "Pluton / Saturn"

Out Now on Mistakes Music

The release of Saturn and Pluton marks the arrival of Sebastien Leger's new Mistakes Music label. Sebastien's aim for this new label is to act as an outlet for all of his own productions, as he has chosen to release less material with a higher level of quality on his own terms. These two tracks are evidence of Leger's new mission in progress.


Pluton is a sonic experiment of funky, glitchy house that will have you both grooving and wondering, as its rhythyms bounce along and a concoction of stuttered and heavily tweaked sounds attack your ears from all directions.

The song is comprised mostly of glitchy synth stabs, a small vocal snippet, and a pinch of cowbell for good measure. Yet, for all its randomness the track has a very strong breakdown to help build things up. The song as a whole progresses very smoothly and definitely has enough momentum for the dance floor.

Although certainly not the focus of this release, Pluton is more of a funky warm-up tune, and its a fantastic track to compliment the package that provides something entirely different. However, coming in at just a hair over 5 minutes, the track is relatively short.


Where as Pluton was an experiment to demonstrate Leger's production skills, Saturn is the main attraction here that will truly take you for a ride.

Saturn kicks off with a mid-range synth line that's been heavily effected to sound reminiscent of a ping-pong delay, the track's signature element, alongside the lead that creates the main groove. As the momentum of the ping-pong lead climbs, a second melody is brought into the mix that compliments the mids perfectly, consisting of an upbeat synth line on the high end. As the tracks intro builds to its first peak, Leger drops in a thick rolling bass line that's sure to satisfy dancefloors.

The track features several nice builds throughout, none as explosive as the combination of the great breakdown and final build. The main components here are the killer bassline, the simple but catchy high-end synth lead, and the heavy ping-pong delay effects and groovy synths of the midrange. They all meld together seamlessly to create one of the most captivating tunes I've heard in a long time.

Overall, Saturn is a very dense track with great texture, and there is just simply a lot of sound design happening at every level. Thankfully all the elements work in unison to create a superb end result.


Saturn has all the makings of an epic progressive house summer anthem, and is a track that is sure to turn heads and have fans beginning the DJ for a track ID. This release is a fantastic debut for Sebastien Leger's Mistakes Music imprint, and hopefully will be a strong indication of things to come.

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