Artist: Sean Q6
Title: Out In The Shed
Label: Hallucination Limited
By: Chloe Harris | 12 June 2003
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Freaky Chakra Mix

Sean Q6 "Out In The Shed"

Out Now on Hallucination Limited

Sean Cusick is someone who doesn’t need an introduction. With many years behind him as a manager, dj, producer, critic and writer, he knows what people want to hear; some dirty funk. Well, that is definitely what you get. ‘Out In The Shed’ is a nice slice of filth. Such a good piece of filth that it will show up on the eagerly anticipated Hooj compilation ‘Sound In Motion’, mixed by none other than wonderboy, James Zabiela. Freaky Chakra is on remix duties for this tune, and is making a comeback the size of Texas. Let’s get into this.

Crisp drums start the 'Original' off to a wicked start. There are effects on each drum, and they build quickly. An “ah” sound fills in the back space, as the drums start to change up often. Many different patterns, and many different sounds take you in so many different ways. A light tone that sounds as if it’s backwards comes in, and drops us into the break. A strange laser type sound comes up and down and drops. The whole track is spit into a vacuum of washed up sound, then spat back into a heavy bassline. It grooves underneath. It moves underneath. Lots of quick edits, and crazy sounds start appearing. This song is full of weird sounds. Tones come in and stab into the drums. Another break and the whole track is scooped up again and spun backwards. We start to wind down after it all. It’s intense, but highly recommended.

'Freaky Chakra' is making a comeback. He was an integral part of America’s electronic scene in the 90’s and now he’s back to do some more damage. Freaky’s mix is a bit harder then the original. We start out with a breakbeat working into some layers, and then the kick hits in. It’s big, hard, and sounds really amazing on a big system. All the drums sound as if they are being twisted and pulled in various directions, squelching, tearing and moving. The “ah” is used as a hard stab, and goes along throughout the track. The bassline makes its way in. It’s slow and brooding, bubbling and thick. This screams through the track, and sits perfectly for the remix. A great mix by Freaky Chakra.

This is a mind-numbing piece of music. Sean is up to no good, and with Freaky in his pocket, it’s like two kids in the candy store. Buy this now.

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