Artist: Scrambler
Title: Free
Label: EQ Grey
By: Simon Jones | 10 November 2003
  • A1: Original Mix
  • A2: Acapella
  • B1: Lo-Step High School Reunion Of 95 Mix

Scrambler "Free"

Out Now on EQ Grey

Colin Snape may be a lesser known Australian producer on the world dance stage, but back home his work is highly regarded and supported by most of the land's premier talent. His remixes of the Bachelor Girl track 'Cant Wait To Meet You' alongside his collaborative remix of Icehouse's 'Dont Believe Anymore' with Ivan Gough have cemented his status as a producer to watch, but many have overlooked his original track 'Free', until now that is. Originally featured on Phil K's Balance 004, this track, featuring the vocals of the mysterious Amarevois has gained a cult following within the breakbeat scene and now lands on EQ Grey backed with a remix from Phil K and Luke Chable's Lo-step outfit. But is it as good as it seems on paper?

The 'Original Mix' kicks off with some crisp, heavy beats but the focus is soon shifted towards an emotive piano line that navigates it's way through the shuffling beat patterns. Deep melodies and a warm groove compliment the soft vocal tunes of Amarevois with subtle drops breaking up things up to create a nice mood. Building towards the final drop, and some superb cut up effects are used on the the vocal, before the piano is introduced once more, leading into an emotional reprise at the end. A sublime yet sparking track from Mr Snape, with an added full vocal acapella also present for those with a curious and creative mind.

As soon as 'Lo-Step' are let loose on the track, everything gets a bit twisted as the 'High School Reunion Of 95 Mix' takes shape. Feedback effects, loops and create an interesting beat percussive effect from the onset, and as soon as the bassline forms you know this is going to be something a bit special, soon emitting a moody growling vibe underneath the tight beats. The vocal stops everything for a moment, before the two elements are brought together, climaxing in a shimmering breakdown topped off by another vocal solo. It's from here than things take an unexpected twist as the bassline and beats churn together in one f*cked up wall of sound, being driven by the bassline until all that remains is a glistening and dreamy outro that harks back to the days of big epic house strings and piano lines. Perhaps one of the longest outros ever, but its the perfect end of night track, full of intensity and emotion, and another feather in the cap of Lo-Step who seem to have a perfect track record to date.

On it's own, the original is a well produced emotive breakbeat track that you could quite easily drop into any set, but with the added Lo-Step remix, this single is one of those that you will find remaining in your box for quite a while. Just make sure you pick up a copy first though of course.

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