Artist: Satoshi Tomiie
Title: Glow
Label: SAW Recordings
By: Nick Williams | 8 June 2006
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Spirit Catcher Mix

Satoshi Tomiie "Glow"

Out Now on SAW Recordings

Satoshi Tomiie is no stranger to the deep, dark end of the progressive house spectrum, having released some of the darkest and dirtiest on his own SAW Recordings. It came as a huge surprise to hear quite the opposite from him on this release. “Glow” is in fact quite the feel-good summer progressive house track, and backing those good vibes, Spirit Catcher, of recent Mood Music and Freerange notoriety, follow suit with a bubbly, spacey interpretation.

Satoshi takes influences from pretty much the whole gamut of dance music to create his progressive take on bright summer day music. The squishiness of the bass notes harks toward some of the techno and minimal producers of today, while the synth organ ambiance comes from some of the quintessential San Francisco house music producers. Electro bass stabs here and there bring some funk into the picture, while piano chords pepper the chord changes of the organ ambiance. The arrangement of this song screams progressive house, with elements coming in and out all the time. And I can keep going on here, as a gummy acid line squeezes its way in, and when you think there could be no more… a guitar line makes an appearance. All in all, Satoshi demonstrates some pretty solid production (minus the guitar line), as he takes some of the most stereotypical aspects of each genre and molds them into a song that could very well fit into any poolside dj set.

Jean Vanesse and Thomas Sohet, aka Spirit Catcher, bring a spacey 80’s vibe to the table with their interpretation of “Glow.” A dreamy floaty synth starts us off and off beat, organic stabs and delayed, spaced out keys over a beat that has a snare that just screams 80’s funk, sort of a hand-clap snare, but very bright. Gated keys, a signature for Spirit Catcher productions, come in and fit so well with the ambiance that I feel like I am floating away amongst the clouds. This all leads to the funk, complete with round bass stabs, wobbles and harmonious chords, and let me tell you, you would think that Prince (or whatever he is calling himself these days) walked in and created a dance track. The track just funks and floats its way to the end, and what a ride it is!

The Spirit Catcher mix is what does it for me on this release, but kudos to Satoshi for giving remix duties to these guys. If you dig the fun summer music, or if you have an 80’s-esque dance party to dj, shimmy your way on down to the record store for this number. You will not be disappointed, I promise.

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