Artist: Satoshi Fumi
Title: 8va
Label: Connect Four Records
By: Jason Calvert | 7 May 2007
  • A1: (Sian 'Strange' Mix)
  • B1: (Original Mix)
  • B2: C2m (Original Mix)

Satoshi Fumi "8va"

Out Now on Connect Four Records

Japan's Satoshi Fumi provides us with the first release for the Danish label Connect Four. As with any first release for a label, I had no expectations before hearing this release, and found myself pleasantly surprised by the time I had finished, even if I was slightly put off to begin with.

Strangely enough, the first track on the release is the Sian remix of '8va'. The track has a laid back atmosphere, and many trance-like melodies. Whilst the bassline set up an excellent mood, the main melody came across as very dated, and this wasn't helped by the very basic and slightly monotonous percussion. Whilst there are nice elements to this track, it is not likely to be remembered too far into the future.

After assuming the label would choose a strong opener, I was not sure what to expect from Fumi's originals. However I was pleasantly surprised by the original mix of '8va'. The production quality felt much more solid as a whole, and the percussion featured a nice swing to it. The track is very laid-back/loungey, and what featured as the main melody in the Sian remix is pushed to the back, and we have a lovely piano line flowing through. A very relaxing track overall.

The final track on the release is 'C2m'. The track is much simpler than '8va', but in no way less effective. It again has a laid back feel to it, but with some subtle house vibes which add a lot of texture. The bottom line on this one is that if you enjoy the original mix of '8va', you won't go wrong on this one either.

Be wary of the opening remix of '8va' on this one, but the two originals featured here are beautiful pieces of music which are very deserving of a listen. C4 have gone against the current trend on this release, and are to be applauded for this. Hopefully we can expect more nice releases from them in the future.

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