Artist: Sasha
Title: Spring Tour 2008 EP
Label: emFire Music
By: Andrew Rowland | 1 September 2008
  • 1. Mongoose (Logiztik Sounds Mix)
  • 2. Mongoose (Guy J Mix)
  • 3. Who Killed Sparky (Astro & Glyde Mix)
  • 4. Park It In The Shade (Dimitri Nakov & Gabe 'Park It In The Deep End' Dub)

Sasha "Spring Tour 2008 EP"

Out Now on emFire Music

Timing, it seems, is everything. In the spring of this year we saw the release of ‘The Emfire Collection’, what we thought was the defining collection of remixes commissioned from Sasha’s original creations. After such inspirational originals this collection for me anyway, didn’t exactly set the pulse racing, sounding at times a little too abstract and minimal for my taste. The inclusion of the award-winning soundtrack for ‘New Emissions Of Light and Sound’ more than made up for this on the two-disc set however.

A twenty-date tour of the US followed this release, reuniting Sasha and Digweed together on a tour bus again for the first time since 2002’s legendary Delta Heavy Tour. Anyone who witnessed any of these dates won’t have failed to pick up on some more altogether heavy weight sounding club remixes of Sasha’s original tracks. Three months later, here they are now in all their glory for us, to both commemorate the tour and possibly frustrate some buyers of the original ‘Emfire Collection’.

Of the remixes on offer here, the first thing that is apparent is the presence of some Bedrock favourites both past and present.

First up is the Logiztik Sounds Mix of ‘Mongoose’ by Nicolas Silvano, a winner in the remix competition held on Beatport earlier this year. Opening with a breakbeat feel to the drums, a funky bass line is employed that teases its way along nicely. The overall feel to the mix is minimal and percussive, with some nice twisting up of elements in the background of the mix. As the mix progresses, it pumps the elements nicely and overall, is a great remix that gives us an altogether different take on the original.

Guy J is next with another remix of the ‘Mongoose’. Bedrock's new golden boy doesn’t fail to deliver here. Tough drums and an equally tough bass line give us a driving mix. The original string melodies are used really nicely and Guy’s production gives the track a real end of night anthem feel.

Next up is past Bedrock favourite, Astro & Glyde, and their remix of ‘Who Killed Sparky’. Starting with a percussive opening, there's an immediate hint of Sasha’s legendary ‘Belfunk’ in the percussive sound. The drums appear next and their tough sound helps in giving the overall mix of the original parts a more banging feel compared with the original.

Dimitri Nakov & Gav complete the package with their Deep End Dub mix of ‘Park It In The Shade’. They keep the altogether tougher theme going with their remix while teasing the original parts in and out of the mix.

This remix package offers up some fresh takes on the originals delivering for us some tougher sounding club orientated mixes. Overall it’s well worth adding to your collection and in the case of Guy J’s mix in particular, is an essential purchase.

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