Artist: Sascha Funke
Title: Auf Aix / Ey
Label: BPitch Control
By: Nick Williams | 8 March 2007
  • A: Auf Aix
  • B: Ey

Sascha Funke "Auf Aix / Ey"

Out Now on BPitch Control

Sascha Funke seems to be a pretty balanced guy to me. From his love of soccer to the downright sensibility of his music, he seems to like everything in small doses. From working in the Berlin scene and for Bpitch Control, he definitely has a handle on how the music world works for him, and it is apparent that he loves every minute of it. The latest release from Ellen Allien's Bpitch Control features a couple of tracks made over the winter in the south of France, to the Aix-en-Provence, to escape the dreary Berlin winter.

A bouncy bassline and clipped kick get us grooving 'Auf Aix' (to Aix) from the first beat. Chords come in and delay off with excellent timing, setting a back and forth groove that could only have been made for those lovely southern French women. As we continue the chords are now take center stage, solo’d, as some funked up percussion slowly build in adding some energy. For as minimal as this track is, it really moves. Interesting deep delayed synth and percussion work takes us more in depth, and keeps the rhythm fresh. The track breaks down once again into almost nothing, introducing a trippy hook that sticks in for nearly the rest of the song, yet I find that it will stick with you for a fair bit longer. The beats slowly make their way back in again, and we go back into the groove. The sound palatte pieces together quite nicely, and the chords morph to bring the energy up a bit. This really is a great transitional track to raise the energy on your dancefloor. While this may not be the most energetic of dance tracks, it will get your crowd on the same page.

'Ey' must have been inspired by the long hours on the beach sunbathing, as we have some of the laziest sounds I have heard in quite some time. A low slung kick and some sullen chords roll along with a subdued snare bringing a very early morning feel and an almost lazy approach to dance music. If not for the upbeat hat work, I would almost fall asleep. Even the vocal "ey" is a bit lazy in its presentation! After the first break we have some more grooved kicks and it seems to take a firmer approach. A gritty and delayed backdrop sets up for an almost accapella of sounds that then make its way back into the sullen beats. This is music for a jam packed club full of drug induced zombies. You want something to happen and it doesn’t at all. As it own piece of music it really only acts as filler. The chords finally change as the song is coming to a close and we are brought into another place, yet there is not much support to gain the energy needed.

'Auf Aix' is definitely the shiner out of this package, and I encourage you to have a listen. In true Funke form, we have a very balanced package here on Bpitch Control, with another track by Sascha Funke entitled 'I Love This Tent' featured on the current 'Camping Volume 3' compilation also.

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