Artist: Santos
Title: Sabot (Remixes)
Label: MOB Records
By: Simon Jones | 8 January 2004
  • A1: Evil Nine Mix
  • B1: Santos VIP Mix
  • B2: Ethehot Sabot-Age Mix

Santos "Sabot (Remixes)"

Out Now on MOB Records

Santos follows up his 2003 MOB release 'No Ticket To Run', with the release of another track that was originally released on the Mantra Vibes imprint, 'Sabot'. With the original being a straight up house track, it has been updated and revamped for release on MOB, and this set of breaks mixes from Evil 9 and Santos himself are the result.

Marine Parade artist 'Evil 9' steps up to the plate and turns in one hell of a mix, with some of the most crazy drum lines I have ever heard. This alone brings a kick ass vibe to the mix, but when the live guitar bassline rumbles in you know this is going to be something special. Synths shudder into the groove, emitting an industrial sound that only adds to the gutsy approach taken on this mix. The vocal hook is teased, soon leading into a huge melodic break, with the bassline gradually being brought back for a full on finale where all the sounds come together in a soundscape of what you could quite simply call aural devastation.

Santos, not wanting to be outdone, gets his breaks hat on for his 'VIP Mix', dropping funky drum patterns in a driving groove. The beats sound loose as the bassline swells below the sounds, with some loopback effects bridging the changes between sections of the track. However the main element here is the huge New Order-esque guitar break that emerges from nowhere, building right up before descending way down to a finale of hypnotic beats and grooves. Off the wall, but oh so satisfying stuff from Santos, with his chilled 'Ethehot Sabot-Age Mix' now only showcasing his diverse ability as a producer, but lending a twisted tangent to the chill out experience.

A huge start to the year for MOB, and one that that will remain in my record box for some time to come. With new material from Klaus Hill, Care In The Community, Rennie Pilgrem along with some collaborative work between Tayo and Adam Freeland, expect the MOB Mafia to make a few hits in the coming months.

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