Artist: Sander Kleinenberg
Title: My Lexicon
Label: Little Mountain Recordings
By: Mark Holloway | 13 February 2006
  • A: 16 Bit Lolitas Mix
  • B: Original Mix

Sander Kleinenberg "My Lexicon"

Out Now on Little Mountain Recordings

Holland is a country which has brought quite a few DJs into the mainstream over the past ten years. Among those, and perhaps one of the most respected DJs of our times, is Sander Kleinenberg. With a huge discography spanning dozens of releases, there is one song that is a stand-out track in Mr. Kleinenberg’s back-catalogue. The tile of this track is 'My Lexicon' and it was the one track that boosted Sander into world wide status. For those who missed the release the first time around, Little Mountain Holland has now re-released this on 12” vinyl.

The A side is the '16 Bit Lolitas Mix' and is quite a flavorful version of this song. A bit more laidback than the original, the track starts out with a nice groove backed by some esoteric atmospheres. About two minutes into the song a familiar melody start to creep in and a very rhythmic bass line drops down and takes ownership of the dance floor. It's very clear that this remix is intended to make the speakers rumble as it continues to be a bit heavier on the bass more so than anything else. By the time the breakdown is reached there are more melodies that seem to play nice with the bass line. The track continues this vibe for the remainder of its duration, feeling like bass, melody, and atmospheres are playing off each other. As the track winds down, the atmospheres fade out into the distance as the track is finished.

The B side contains the original release of “My Lexicon” which is the song that really put Sander Kleinenberg on the global DJ map. A bit more up-tempo and energetic, the start of this song has a rhythmic melody that is instantly danceable. Around two minutes into the song are the atmospheric chord stabs and a beat that is enough to keep any crowd excited. One element about this song that seems important is the way that familiar percussive melody in the beginning of the song retains its presence throughout the entire 9 minutes. Sometimes this little melodic hook takes on a new form whether it’s filtered or eq’d, but it’s almost always there and provides a sense of familiarity. The breakdown is great in that rather than toning things down a notch, Sander cranks it up by getting a bit more melodic and upbeat. Just when the listener thinks the breakdown doesn’t get any better, than is an additional few atmospheric elements thrown over the top and it really adds a textural feel to this song. As the track comes to a close its as if you are reading the last chapter of a book. Elements disappear as if they are being erased, one item at a time, until the whole track is just gone and you're left wondering why the song had to end so soon (or so it feels).

'My Lexicon' is definitely a song that has become legendary for Sander Kleinenberg and there is no doubt he will always be remembered for this tune. It's fantastic to see that LMR has decided to re-release My Lexicon on vinyl. Although many DJs continue to DJ on CD and other digital format, those of us from the "old days" will always feel that special urge to play some of our favorite tracks on vinyl despite any other media format that is used. With the LMR release of My Lexicon, now is the time to add one of those legendary songs to the old vinyl collection.

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