Artist: Sander Kleinenberg
Title: 4 Seasons EP Part 3 of 3
Label: Little Mountain Recordings
By: Simon Jones | 3 September 2003
  • A: Work To Do (feat Miss Bunty)
  • B: Triple Seven
  • C: Buenos Aires
  • D: Soul Shelter

Sander Kleinenberg "4 Seasons EP Part 3 of 3"

Out Now on Little Mountain Recordings

It's been some time since Part 2 first arrived on record store shelves, but after delays, changes and label changes, the third and final part in the Four Seasons series is now here. The other thing to note is that it's the debut release on a new label created by Sander Kleinenberg to showcase some of the world's finest up and coming artists as well as some of the music that sits firmly entrenched within his record box. So as the summer ends and the fall draws in, let's see what the changing off the seasons brings..

Leading us into the EP is 'Work To Do', featuring Miss Bunty on vocals. Over the past few months this track been performed out live at several festivals and at the Winter Music Conference 2003, perhaps hinting at both the crossover potential and powerful appeal of this track. Building around a big rippling b-line, with subtle percussive layers that sit underneath the vocal which becomes the focus during the main section of the track. Pulsating synths and sweeping strings lead into a break, before the track slides back in with force, the hypnotic bass more intense than before. A 'big room track' for sure...

'Triple Seven' comes next, taking us down a melodic house route. Heavy beats and deep stabs create a shuffling groove which sits right at the heart of the track, creating the perfect platform for the piano melodies and twinkling effects to emit from. A dark and dirty bassline emerges during the break, but this is short lived as the track fades back out into it's regular groove, drifting out to fade. A perfect warm up track for this early evening or morning sets.

The other half of the EP is started off with 'Buenos Aires' which has been a staple in Sander's sets for many months. It's pretty hard to mistake this track if you've heard it as it's epic style harks back to the good old days of big melodic riffs and driving bass. What Sander does here is take those ideals to another level, weaving layer upon layer of soft melodies into one copper pot of uplifting goodness. A drifting bassline keeps the groove interesting, as Sander adds effects, delays and even more melody to keep the pace soaring. When the break hits it's one euphoric moment of the night you will remember, and the riff will be stuck in your head for days after.

Finally comes a track that Sander made in collaboration with Tarrentella. 'Soul Shelter' features the evocative vocals of Liianne Brookson, and the arrangement of the track compliments her voice perfectly. Soft strings shift in and out of the funky beats, as the vocals work in the opposite direction, lending a different effect to Liianne's voice as her drifting vocals wash over the warm grooves that lead us right until the end. The most subtle of the four tracks on the EP, this is a nice addition nevertheless.

Whilst this EP does not grab you in the same way that parts 1 and 2 did, after a few listens you can appreciate each track for what they are, as all are well produced and in some cases show some deeper thoughts and ideas from Sander Kleinenberg, and completes the trilogy of EPs in perfect fashion. One only has to wonder where the flying dutchman will take us from here..

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