Artist: Sam-U-L
Title: Generate
Label: CP Recordings
By: Chloe Harris | 31 October 2003
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Tigerhook Golden Monkey Mix

Sam-U-L "Generate"

Out Now on CP Recordings

SAM-U-L is Shmuel Flash, a very talented producer from Israel. He’s had numerous releases on various labels, with stunners such as 'Chilling Moments' on Bedrock, as well as releases on other labels such as Alternative Route and many more. He's a genius when it comes to beautiful sounds, melodies and drum programming. 'Generate', a track which was featured on Steve Lawler's first Lights Out cd, is a clicky tribal tune with a Spanish vocal sample on top of a groovy bassline. The Tigerhook Corporation are up on remix duties and they change the song into a dirty tech house funker.

The 'Original Mix' starts off with a nice chugging bass sound and tribal drums. Layers build nicely while a Spanish vocal sample edges in. Tiny claps take us further into the groove. Random drum sounds filter in and out, building up to a break. Pin drop sounds fall into glass-like moment; a still sound waiting for the drums to pop back in. Strange sounds capture the background, building back into the tribal rhythms.

The 'Tigerhook Corporation' have been involved with the dance music scene for years, and were eager to work on this tune. Their 'Golden Monkey Mix' changes the track into a frenzy of dirty tech house layers, and quick cut up voice samples within a world of strange filters and effects. A different sample is used, and 'takes us on a trip'. A bouncy bassline and mechanical sounds create a pumping yet fun remix with loads of character and changes.

The second release from CP Recordings is pushing the envelope of progressive further. Challenging sounds and textures, added with strong production on both sides will ensure loads of support by the big boys. Next up for CP Recordings comes a track from BlueRoomProject, with a huge remix from Pole Folder & CP. Watch out for it.

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