Artist: Saints & Sinners
Title: Pushin Too Hard (Official 2003 Mix)
Label: Bedrock Records
By: Simon Jones | 2 January 2004
  • A: Pushin Too Hard (Official 2003 Mix)

Saints & Sinners "Pushin Too Hard (Official 2003 Mix)"

Out Now on Bedrock Records

The duo of Yoogie Van Bellen and Wilfried Belz are probably two of Europe's most respected long standing producers. As Saints and Sinners they have a long discography of productions and remixes that all stood out at the time of release, and some still continue to do so to this day. 'Pushin Too Hard' is without a doubt their greatest accolade to date, exploding upon it's release back in 2000, thanks in part to a huge genre defying remix by Futureshock. Being so close to their hearts, they released an updated version of the track as a white label in early 2003, and now it finds itself getting a full release as part of Bedrock's 50th release celebration.

Their "official" '2003 Mix' takes all the trademark elements from the original version, leading in with some compacted breakbeat layers to set the mood, before the big hook of the original weaves it's way over the hard hitting groove. Vibrant snares rise out of the hypnotic groove, acidic fills bubbling within, as the mix fades down the bass before the hook is introduced once more, building to a shaking 80's electro style breakdown, melodies spiraling out and over the top, as the drums lead off into the darkness to finish.

A faithful update from Saints and Sinners to their original version, but whilst it falls short of Futureshock's excellent remix, it fits in nicely with the acid and electro sound that has been prevalent in the past few months. Plus, now they have returned to Bedrock with this remix, one can only hope we see some new original material from them on the label soon.

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