Artist: SDM Soundclash Feat Nikita
Title: Scream 2B Heard
Label: Baroque Records
By: Simon Jones | 6 October 2003
  • A1: Original Mix
  • B1: Jono Fernandez Breaks Mix
  • B2: Jono Fernandez Breaks Dub

SDM Soundclash Feat Nikita "Scream 2B Heard"

Out Now on Baroque Records

SDM Soundclash is a collaboration between Baroque head honcho Keith McDonnell (aka Innate) and Chris Hampshire (aka Interflow). The two came together on a remix of Sinead O Connor's 'Guide Me God' and discovering that they work well together in the studio set about working on some original material. Now 'Scream 2 B Heard' drops, featuring Chris's friend Nikita on vocals. The results speak for themselves.

As the 'Original Mix' slides in, we are treated to some eerie ambience. This soon subsides and is replaced by a driving house groove which sits underneath some nice string work that adds an upbeat feel to the sound. It's when Nikita's vocal enters the fray that things get interesting as her soulful presence rises out of the track and commands attention. Drifting melodic synths and some eerie horns add to the deep bassline and when it all falls together, this is one powerful track that will send ricochets across the dancefloor.

And if that was not enough, 'Jono Fernandez' adds his own takes on the track over on the b-side. His vocal interpretation comes first, and is a seriously hypnotic slice of melodic breakbeat. Broken beat style arrangements and some heavy bass action keep things moving and the underlying melody compliments Nikita's vocal perfectly. Jono's Dub mix on the other hand is a no nonsense heads down rework which should get the breaks purists salivating. If there was any doubt that this young man can deliver the goods, these mixes silence the naysayers.

Quite possibly one of the biggest releases on Barqoue in a long time. If you loved Interflow's 'Storyreel' then you will be all over this, and even if you missed out on that one, I advise you to check this out as soon as you can.

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