Artist: SDM Soundclash Feat Nikita
Title: Scream 2B Heard (Remixes)
Label: Baroque Records
By: Simon Jones | 6 October 2003
  • A: Force Mass Motion Mix
  • B: SDM Dub

SDM Soundclash Feat Nikita "Scream 2B Heard (Remixes)"

Out Now on Baroque Records

Part 2 of of the SDM package brings a set of remixes from SDM themselves and Force Mass Motion. Producer Mike Wells needs no introduction thanks to his work on the Fluid Recordings imprint back in the day and with his more recent work alongside Dylan Rhymes as part of Silencer. Here he adds his own touch to 'Scream 2 B Heard', and the results speak for themselves.

Hitting hard with a some twisted beats, the 'Force Mass Motion Mix' wastes no time in getting it's point across. Big speaker tweaking bass stabs and tech influenced percussion are the on the menu here and Mike Wells serves them up like only he can do. Echo fills and strings sit underneath Nikita's vocal, adding ambience and depth to the mix, building up to the break, where electro rages in and takes over. A cool underground revision of the track.

SDM's own 'Dub Mix' continues this vibe, taking the original apart and rebuilding it with focus on the sounds and bass elements of the track, in turn creating an hypnotic slice of progressive house that will sit will in any set.

Whilst not having the devastating impact of the original 12", this set of remixes will ensure 'Scream 2 B Heard' finds it's way into a few darker, more underground sets, ensuring all bases are covered. Remember, you have to scream louder in the darkness..

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