Artist: Ryukyu Underground
Title: Seragaki (Remixes)
Label: Baroque Records
By: Simon Jones | 2 August 2004
  • A: Quivver Mix
  • B: Sunrise Mix

Ryukyu Underground "Seragaki (Remixes)"

Out Now on Baroque Records

With a massive Junkie XL remix already doing the business, along comes this remix 12" of Ryukyu Underground's 'Seragaki' with yet another heavyweight name adding his support to Baroque's 40th release. Having not appeared on the label since 2002, Quivver makes a return in grand fashion, with Ryukyu Underground on hand with a tougher mix of their own to wrap things up rather nicely indeed.

The 'Quivver Mix' is a superb percussive led mix, with the usual big chords and bass that we've come to expect from his work over the last few years. Utilising big moods and floating chords, this mix takes a very ethereal stance, with the atmospheric effects, melodies and heavy pads giving the mix a huge sense of depth. As it builds, watch the elements expand and explode right at the pinnacle of the break before fading into a dirty funky finale.

Ryukyu Underground's 'Sunrise Mix' takes the original and tweaks it, a tougher, hard hitting mix for the dancefloors just what the doctor ordered, but structured around some sublime melodies and downtempo elements that make sure the pure emotion of the original is not lost in this classy understated reinterpretation.

Have no doubt, what we have here is a blinding mix from Quivver, who seems to be finding his form again as of late, and coupled with the excellent remix on the flip, Baroque's 40th landmark has been celebrated with all the elegance and grandeur it deserves.

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