Artist: Ryeland Allison
Title: How To Get Down
Label: Teknology Records
By: Simon Jones | 13 February 2004
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Turkey Shoot Mix

Ryeland Allison "How To Get Down"

Out Now on Teknology Records

Ryeland Allison is a man that has done much in his career, but that few people would remember. Regarded for his work in projects such as Ambr.Sea and alongside Dave Dresden as Attention Deficit, he has earned the respect of many people in all spectrums of the music industry. Having worked with artists as diverse as Hybrid, Tool and Hans Zimmer and programmed sounds for companies such Roland, Korg, and Spectrasonics, he is one of the US's most well ranged and diverse musicians, which shines through on this new single 'How To Get Down'.

Ryeland's 'Original Mix' is an awesome funk fuelled breaks epic with a fresh vibe that makes it stand out in the crowd of filler breaks tracks that are currently swamping the market. Big string ambience and organic beats build up the momentum tightly, each layer of sound slowly fading away to reveal another. A huge electro synth hook and quirky vox bring a brashy influence into the mix, adding a sense of rock in more than the genre. Fresh and forward thinking material from the man from Ambr.Sea.

The 'Turkey Shoot Mix' provides a nice contrast, verging to the more twisted nu skool side of breaks. Melodies and cut up loops float within the intoxicating groove, whilst the tighter than a vice drum programming sets to work, with snare rolls and twisted spirals that even the doctor of drum programming Andy Page would be impressed with. A seriously potent mix that will cause multiple reading on the Richter scale.

Teknology's finest moment in a long time, combining innovation with some seriously slick programming to create two mixes that will have the "spotters" running to the DJ box as Ryeland's sounds will be showing how to make everyone on the floor get down.

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