Artist: Roman Salzger & Manuel Tur
Title: You Won't Change
Label: Electraluxe Records
By: Antonella Sirec | 21 September 2006
  • A: DayEdit
  • B: NightEdit

Roman Salzger & Manuel Tur "You Won't Change"

Out Now on Electraluxe Records

To many fans of dance music, the mention of Germany days conjures up the placid beats of minimal techno but for some, the very mention of this country reminds us of why we enjoy the varying degrees in sound that house music can encompass. Two rising stars of the German scene would have to be Roman Salzger and Manuel Tur. Already having received recognition as individual artists with appearances on Subliminal and Bedrock compilations, with the release of 'You Won't Change' they have combined their talents to create a tune that's easily enjoyable as it is infectious.

The Day Edit of 'You Won't Change' is a light, summery affair that begins with slightly padded beats as a dubby melody is drawn slowly into the tune at a gradual pace. That melody soon becomes the mainstay of the tune as it changes into a high-octane chord that while perpetually sharp in sound is never overly piercing. At the same time, underlying this chord is a deeper sounding synth that balances both levels of melody perfectly. Sporadically, touches of spacey pulsating effects can be heard in the later half of the tune as well as a harmonised vocal, which is used very subtly. The track concludes much like it began, with the sound of those padded beats. This is a more then enjoyable tune and while simply structured, its most attractive facet is very much that high pitched chord which pulls in all the differing parts to make the track congeal together precisely. This is definitely one of those tunes that will make you wish you were on a beach with cocktail in hand and sooner rather then later.

The Night Edit sees 'You Won't Change' become a more up-tempo tune as you instantly notice that the bpm’s have been increased. Opening this time to a clapping beat and melodic synth, the high pitched chord that was the focal point of the Day Edit is now more sublime in sound and given a stuttered treatment. Taking a slight backseat, a nice rolling bass and dulcet melody are now brought out more on an equal footing to that chord. The Night Edit still maintains a summery feel but on a deeper level as there are more musical layers to this version while the vocals this time round are used more clearly and effectively. These all combine to create a more complicated tune that works clearly to the ear without being busy in sound and as such, of the two versions on this release, is the more interesting. There's something more endearing about this particular version that was missing from the Day Edit. While the Day Edit was fun and breezy, the Night Edit is more solid and mature in sound and with each listen, sounded the better of the two.

Generally speaking, 'You Won't Change' is one release that’s more then pleasing to the ear. While it's not perfect, it is however the type of tune that I would prefer to hear because it not only makes you want to dance but just puts you in a pleasant frame of mind. You can't help but smile when you listen to this tune and there's nothing wrong with that. The Day Edit is a typical example of a proper summertime tune that makes you wish you were near a beach. It's that high-pitched chord that really makes this track work and thus quite memorable. The Night Edit is something different altogether with its varying layers combining to create a multilevel track that offers many interesting facets to the listener. If anything, it reminds me of the many summer nights spent at Sydney's Sweetchilli listening to infectious house music and running around like crazy people. A winner on all accounts!

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