Artist: Rocco Mundo & O.N.N.O.
Title: The DJ Took Pills / I Love You
Label: Little Mountain Recordings
By: Simon Jones | 20 January 2005
  • A: The DJ Took Pills
  • B: I Love You

Rocco Mundo & O.N.N.O. "The DJ Took Pills / I Love You"

Out Now on Little Mountain Recordings

The last few releases on Little Mountain have taken in a vast range of influences, showing an increasing diversification in the styles and sounds that Sander Kleinenberg incorporates into his DJ sets, but admittedly certain things are not everyone's cup of tea, and the reaction has been equally as varied. The latest offering comes two of Holland's finest, as Rocco Mundo, a man that has appeared on numerous labels over the years and most recently collaborated with Nick K, teams up with DJ O.N.N.O for this big and gritty two tracker.

First up is 'The DJ Took Pills', a superb track which fuses growling bass and electronic sounds together in a funky and upbeat style that works the floor well, with the smooth pads and melodies assist in getting it's point across. As funky as it is dark and foreboding, the usual of the classic "DJ Took Pills" vocal sample is overshadowed by the rest of the track in all honesty, but that's not a bad thing as the track on its own is pure quality.

'I Love You' takes us to a slightly tougher, techier place. Zoney melodies and hypnotic percussion leading the charge and complimented by some big keys that cut through the groove, creating a drop effect. Things build subtly to the second half where things get a little darker and twisted, easily carrying the track to a satisfying close.

Both tracks that have been doing the business on the dancefloor for Sander, and this is perhaps the biggest release to come on the label in a while. Kicking off 2005 in style, the Little Mountain has it's sight set on dizzier heights.

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