Artist: Ridgewalkers Feat El
Title: Find
Label: Baroque Records
By: Simon Jones | 5 May 2004
  • A: Andy Moor Mix
  • B: Original Mix

Ridgewalkers Feat El "Find"

Out Now on Baroque Records

Dublin is well known for it's musical heritage and versatile sounds, and Ridgewalkers are perhaps more versatile than many other bands in Ireland. Having originally set up to make music far removed from the dance spectrum under the name of Deep Blue, but getting bitten by the bug called house music, the trio of Steve, Ivor and El soon set about taking things that little bit further in order to 'Find' their niche, and this debut single shows that's exactly what the have done.

'Andy Moor' adds his own interpretation to get things underway, retaining El's silky vocals and dropping them into an awesome rolling melodic opus that turns the track into a peak time bomb. Trippy melodic lines, hooks and cut up effects add a new dimension to the original vocal, with a solid and driving hook pushing things, led by the vocal until the break and then switching into a string influenced second half that goes right off. A brilliant rework that takes the emotion of the original and multiples it tenfold.

Ridgewalkers' own 'Original Mix' is a smooth journey through house, El's seductive and sexy vocals drifting through the ocean of hazy beats that the groove comprises of. Shaker percussion builds up the mood at just the right level, with the occasional stab keeping the tempo moving. Minor melodies float over the top, but it's El's stunning voice that provides the hypnotic dynamic that will make you want to play this over and over, and whilst it's not going to set a dancefloor alight, it's the perfect early evening or home listening track.

A slight departure from the previous run of releases for Baroque, but one that has the potential and be a massive hit thanks largely to Andy Moor's stunning remix. As the label borders on it's landmark 40th release, they are on a tremendous momentum roll aided by this great debut from Ridgewalkers.

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