Artist: Ricardo Tobar
Title: Boy Love Girl EP
Label: Border Community
By: Jason Calvert | 22 September 2008
  • A1: Boy Love Girl Song
  • A2: Computers
  • A3: PSPRF Frame
  • B1: Voy A Buscar

Ricardo Tobar "Boy Love Girl EP"Ricardo Tobar "Boy Love Girl EP"

Out Now on Border Community

23 year old Chilean Ricardo Tobar surprised most, to say the least, with his debut "El Sunset" on Border Community in 2007. Each of the three tracks on the release told a different story and were impeccably engineered and delivered. I was interested to see if he could follow this up with "Boy Love Girl EP" but was not quite prepared for what was in store.

The title track is a charming little number which feeds on cut and scratch type effects. The percussion keeps things driving and provides a playground for Tobar's samples to go wild in. After a bit of an intro, a bassline sneaks its way into the picture and things really start to take off. The final result is a beautiful track which is unique in every aspect and will be sure to leave a smile on your face.

The real gem of the release however is "Computers". At a length of only two and a half minutes, Tobar ensures that every second counts. Things are fast and dirty right from the beginning. The tight bassline and relentless percussion set a dark scene for the twisted lead to flourish in. The elements are all tweaked to perfection and build up throughout for an explosive result. Sadly it's all over a little soon, but there's nothing stopping you from playing it again!

In a techy sort of way, "PSPRF Frame" is a sexy track. The most coherent of all the tracks on the release, it builds upon an interesting percussion loop. A powerful bassline leads the track and is supported by a barrage of glitchy percs and fx in the higher ranges. It breaks down and builds itself up again a number of times throughout, adding texture and detail to the overall picture painted by the sounds. Each listen reveals something new, and there is plenty to beauty to be found.

But the beauty in "PSPRF Frame" cannot compare to what is easily the most beautiful track on the release, "Voy A Buscar". A sultry piano starts things off and is joined by a wavering synth heard far away in the distance. The glitchy howls of Tobar's synths are slowly brought up in levels before the whole arrangement explodes. The track turns from subtle to fierce in an instant. The synths conjure up vivid imagery as they barrage our ears, before Tobar pulls the plug and the release drifts to an end.

Without a doubt, this is one of the finest releases I've had the pleasure of listening to all year. We're at a time in the scene where things have slowed down and there are a lot of generic sounding releases floating about. In such a time it takes quite a bit for me to be impressed to this level, which is saying a lot for Mr Tobar. Each track featured on the EP is vastly different from the others and each are of an extremely unique calibre. They have the power to paint pictures in your head and each picture won't be forgotten easily. After checking this one out, be sure to give "El Sunset" a listen if you haven't already and also look out for his remix of Fairmont's "I Need Medicine". I feel we are going to be hearing a lot more of Ricardo Tobar over the coming months so be sure to keep your eyes and ears peeled.

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