Artist: Rhythm Code
Title: Moov / Addictive
Label: Open Up Recordings
By: Jason Calvert | 10 August 2005
  • A: Moov
  • B: Addicitve

Rhythm Code "Moov / Addictive"

Out Now on Open Up Recordings

Liverpool boys Neil Barber and Asher Jones form the Rhythm Code outfit. They have long been known for their big room progressive sound, and this release follows a similar style. This is the debut release for Portugese Open Up Recordings, yet in some ways one might expect more from a first release.

Moov sets itself up by placing the melody around the mid range of the composition. Some breezy effects make an appearance, and a driving bassline keeps things moving forward. A vocal weaves its way in and out of the producion, but I am unsure as to its purpose. The track would be just as solid, if not better, without it. It may, however, come in handy as warm up material or as a filler at some stage.

It is Addictive which is the standout track of the release. A very rough bassline roars its way through the production, and this also serves as a partial melody. Many effects are used to generate some peak time madness, which would work work well if dropped late at night. It posesses much more substance than Moov, and the production values of the track overall seem much higher.

Whilst the release may not break any new ground, it is a release worth picking up for Addictive. This debut for Open Up Recordings may not be as strong as one may hope for with a first release, but I would still keep an eye out for future releases on this label nonetheless.

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