Artist: Rhythm Code
Title: Meltz
Label: Minimal Records
By: Simon Jones | 25 November 2003
  • A1: Original Mix
  • B1: Kingkade Mix
  • B2: Dub Mix

Rhythm Code "Meltz"

Out Now on Minimal Records

As part of a growing resurrection of the Liverpool house scene, Asher Jones and Neil Barber have taken great steps in trying bring something new to the city with their Moov night, offering line ups away from the usual progressive norm. This has led to the creation of their own label, Moov Music, as well as their development of a dj and production outfit known as Rhythm Code. 'Meltz' is but one of many tracks they have created, with other tracks forthcoming on labels including Cuba Recordings, and comes on another of Liverpool's labels, Alex Buchanan's Minimal Records.

Big hypnotic grooves are a heavy component of the 'Original Mix', slowly dragging you in to it's grip, as the beats develop more and more. Cut up loops add a twisted vibe to the bassline as rises in and out of the groove, fluctuating wildly as it builds, with smooth Latin grooves and a catchy vocal hook making sure you don't escape it's bustling groove without a fight.

Label manager 'Kingkade' strips the track down and goes for a cooler groove, sifting in some techy beats and chords to create a bubbling groove that takes it back it some good old house roots, whilst retaining a vibrant edge that will appeal to tech house lovers, whilst the final 'Dub' takes the original version deeper with a big dose of funky grooves to boot.

Meltz comes in a variety of flavours, all providing a different take on the Minimal sound. Whilst not up on the same pedestal as previous releases such as Panoptic's 'Surface', this is a solid house groover for those who prefer their sounds somewhat more minimal.

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