Artist: Rhino Drum
Title: Shake It / Suipacha 220
Label: Choo Choo Ltd
By: Simon Jones | 18 June 2003
  • A: Shake It
  • B: Suipacha 220

Rhino Drum "Shake It / Suipacha 220"

Out Now on Choo Choo Ltd

Originally licensed to the now defunct Akademia imprint, this first release on Choo Choo Limited in over a year comes from Rhino Drum. Rumoured to be the breakbeat alias for a rather well known progressive producer, this mysterious 12" has one certainty, and that's that both tracks here do the business as djs like James Zabiela and Adam Freeland will already testify.

'Shake It' is a rather cheeky little tune indeed, and the moment you hear the vocal sample you will understand why. Borrowing from a KRS-1 classic, this little groovy f*cker bobs along like a Jack in the Box, the bass heavy beats seperating to reveal the vocal snippet by snippet and into a speaker tweeking finale. Job done..

'Suipacha 220' is more 'simplistic' in comparison, it's main focus being it's throbbing warm bassline that pulsates like a sleeping beast within the looping percussive grooves that cascade over the top. As the track develops, it rises from its dormant status and sends the beats scattering, creating a vibrant and twisted soundscape that will get those asses shaking on the dancefloor. Try it and see.

With more breakbeat material in the pipeline on Choo Choo, it will be interesting to see what kind of direction the label develops itself into, and with the eagerly anticipated Mara longplayer on the horizon, it looks set to be a very busy summer in Sheffield.

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