Artist: Reticent
Title: Loois
Label: Nascent Recordings
By: Chloe Harris | 10 February 2003
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Precision Mix

Reticent "Loois"

Out Now on Nascent Recordings

Reticent is two men from sunny Florida, who make spaced out techy gems. Fredrick Gablemann and Drew Whitehead turn out a monster that has been receiving plays from Sean Cusick, Lee Burridge, and Jimmy Van M. 'Loois' is a very minimal tune, but still thick with bass, and lovely sounds.

The 'Original Mix' starts out with a nice sweepy synth and a breaky intro, and then straight on into the beats. They are metallic and thick, but very sparse. Claps follow in, and an arpeggiated sound floats in over the top. Lots of effects, like swishes, gating, and chopping sounds, add layers of depth. A voice sample comes in; it’s light, and sexy. The bassline is funky but subdued, and a very warm sound. Low creepy tones set in for the melody, and goes well into the end. The original has a very techy light vibe, with a groovy bassline.

Precision is the amazing Gab Oliver & Kaybee from Zero Tolerance, dishing up the goods on this remix. The 'Precision Mix' is a bit more minimal and trippy. The vocal is cut up, and warbles along more in the song. The drum sounds are very industrial sounding, which seems like they were created in a mill. Steam sounds as if it’s being let off, as the claps come in. A slow introduction takes us into a fierce, pulsing bassline as sounds layer over top, in a different tone then the original. We drop into a chugging bit, with weird alarm sounds, with an evil edge. This is a very dark, and omniscient tune.

This is a really nice song, with its layers and so much focus on the bassline. Featuring a very good remix by Gab and Kaycee, and an outstanding tune for Reticent. The original is featured on Sound Bytes 17, if you would like to get a taster of what it sounds like.

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