Artist: Rene Amesz
Title: I'm Your Doctor EP
Label: Nu Republic
By: Jason Calvert | 14 October 2005
  • A: I'm Your Doctor
  • B: Cabilla

Rene Amesz "I'm Your Doctor EP"

Out Now on Nu Republic

Rene Amesz has been one of the few producers to consistently catch my attention each time he releases something new. His compositions always have a tight groove to them, and their main focus can shift from a smooth flowing melodic number to a gritty, dirty banger of a track. And this contrast can be heard quite easily when listening to this EP.

The title track from the EP is the easy standout of the two. It pushes a cheeky bassline and places emphasis on an extremely dirty melody line, which is simplistic when picked apart, but extremely effective when teamed up with a tight rhythm section. A male spoken vocal is cut up throughout, and helps build up anticipation during the breakdown. This track has been tried and tested, and I can certainly give it the seal of approval. No matter what crowd you are playing for it, they will absolutely love it.

"Cabilla" takes a decidedly different route to its counterpart. Setting up a laid back and much lighter mood, the percussion is no longer dark and the bassline has a definite house flavour to it. The prime melody is pitched in a higher range, and the overall feel of the track is certainly refreshing, and will wash off some of the dirt you may have picked up from the flipside!

Whether it is melodic house you're after or a dirty progressive monster, you'll find what you want on this release. Over the past few months "I'm Your Doctor" has been a favourite at hotspots in all corners of the globe, and so far hasn't seemed to decline in appeal in any way. I have to say that in my opinion this is one of the hottest releases I've had the pleasure of hearing on Nu Republic.

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