Artist: Rene Amesz
Title: Courisha / Spicey Slice
Label: Deep Focus
By: Simon Jones | 12 January 2004
  • A: Courisha
  • B: Spicey Slice

Rene Amesz "Courisha / Spicey Slice"

Out Now on Deep Focus

Rene Amesz really established himself as one of Holland's production talents in 2003, placing another feather in his cap alongside his already well respected DJ skills. First came a single alongside fellow Dutchman Base on Deep Records, and as the year ended Rene released a solo two tracker on Extrema Records. Now he returns with another set of tracks, kicking off not only the new year, but the new artist showcase label Deep Focus.

'Courisha' is one of those tracks that builds so slowly, that you think it's not going to do much, only to be surprised when it explodes without warning. Leading in with some techy grooves and a slinking bassline, rough beats and rattling stabs work in tandem, building towards the moody atmospheric breakdown where a spine chilling vocal is introduced, floating over the returning groove in a hypnotic vein that you will find yourselves compelled to follow.

Intense is word that springs to mind when you drop 'Spicey Slice' onto the decks. A drifting percussive groove leads in, with waves of of atmospheric sounds sweeping over the top whilst underneath big beat arrangements set to work. Soaring synth lines and deep rhythms generate a sense of depth to carry the track along, with the overall sound on a similar tip to Junkie XL's early works.

Two great tracks from Rene Amesz, who is carving a niche for himself with each diverse release he puts out. His range of sounds and tight production skills have made him stand out amongst the crowd so far, and this single is no exception to that rule.

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