Artist: Rekleiner
Title: Real Time / Future Past
Label: Maschine
By: Chloe Harris | 2 July 2006
  • A: Real Time
  • B: Future Past

Rekleiner "Real Time / Future Past"

Out Now on Maschine

Rekleiner are two members of Audiofly X, Lucca Saporito and Anthony Middleton and newcomer Stuart Geddes, who all came together to create a cool new minimal bouncy techno sound. Their music is complex yet sparse with lots of depth. It's anti-climatic without needing a climax. Real Time and Future Past touch on the vibe they had on their first two releases, but for Oliver Lieb's Maschine imprint the lads lay down an infectious housey groove set amongst rumbles of big bass laden with techno quirks and stylings.

'Real Time' is a bouncy affair with dramatic analog synths that ride along a clever beat structure that never cedes until the end. Claps and a good percussive groove quick settle in, as bell-like toms clang in bringing in somewhat of a melody. Little electro farts pop in and out of the drums, as high hats pick up and halt many times over. A break opens up to a huge warm pulsing bass that pushes everything along and finally drops into a sweet gliding synth. The lead takes hold as it swings up and down through pad changes. It's fat and warm and slides perfectly back into the bouncy beats.

'Future Past' has a more common minimal feel but still finds its own niche. Big wafting bass thumps work in with the kick while tiny sounds flutter around making room for the random high hats that creep in every once and while. Squeaky highs balance the darkness that comes from gritty analog stabs that fit into the beats adding a bit of funk. An uplifting synth looms in the background developing into a swirling dramatic tone that sits on top of it all as we slide through the beats and into the break. The swirling synth and hypnotic sounds fill the atmosphere but fade away leaving just the wafting bass thump before kicking back into the beats.

Rekleiner have stepped up to the plate with a fascinating 12" of music. Both tunes brings out their strengths, but 'Real Time' is the choice cut here and should appeal to progressive, minimal and techno fans alike.

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