Artist: Rekleiner
Title: Dos Caminos
Label: Connaisseur Recordings
By: Nick Williams | 30 July 2007
  • A: Q onda
  • B: Dos Caminos

Rekleiner "Dos Caminos"

Out Now on Connaisseur Recordings

If you have not heard of the production outfit Rekleiner over the last year or so, you are hiding under a very large rock. The production trio of Stuart Geddes, Anthony Middleton, and Luca Saporito, has been responsible for some of the biggest hits in the underground dance music scene over the last few years. What started as a one-off collaboration between the three of them turned into “Somewhere,” arguably one of the best tunes of last year, released on Mood Music Records. Rekleiner now bring their second release to the Connaisseur imprint, the Los Caminos EP. This EP that is drenched in vibe and is as deep as you can make it, creating one to definitely get your hands on.

The A side, “Q onda,” slowly gets going with a solid kick and delayed effects and a hollow stab. Noise stabs and swells introduce a rumbling bassline. This track is truly hypnotic and deep, making minimal movements around the soundscape. Eerie percussive stabs punctuate the groove and add to the depth, as an almost melodic line grates its way across the soundscape. The soundscape here is simple, yet has a unique and interesting vibe to it, one that would translate very well onto the dance floor. The breakdown brings a drippy, drenched feel, which is that subtle draw between dark and light, and totally throws you up in the air.

“Dos Caminos” is definitely the gem in the package here, as we launch into a 10-minute long journey into the minds of Audiofly and Stuart Geddes. The groove here is deep and dare I say a bit funky as well, offering a solid foundation to build upon. Interesting melodic stabs and a peculiar voice lead us on a dub-inspired trek, while they slowly morph, building the track into a solid afterhours track to get the heads spinning at 5AM. The drops are pretty epic for such an understated track, and create a song that goes up, down, and side to side with ease.

This is yet another solid release by Audiofly and Stuart Geddes, showcasing the talents that these three bring to the table in dance music. If you have yet to hear their first release as Rekleiner, get on it. This production outfit creates real awe-inspiring music, and it is something to hear on a loud system, as their engineering skills are truly top notch.

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