Artist: Redanka
Title: In A State
Label: RIP Records
By: Simon Jones | 21 March 2004
  • A: fUcKed Vocal Mix
  • B: fUcKed Dub

Redanka "In A State"

Out Now on RIP Records

After several years of releasing material on Whoop! Records, Andy Holt takes his Redanka project back to the Cable Chamber and surfaces with a new single far removed from his previous efforts. 'In A State' is his own personal message against the growing gun crime movement that is creeping into the UK from overseas, lamenting against the country's development into the '51st state of the USA', and boy, does the feeling show.

The 'fUcKed Vocal Mix' sees the usual tight production that we've come to expect from Redanka used to great effect, big beats and swirling effects building a solid progressive groove that provides the soapbox for Andy's own angst fuelled lyrics. Punk influences run roughshod thought the track, whilst big electric guitar riffs build the tension up further. Moving further into the track, and the story unfolds, as the feeling and reason beyond the track is hammered home. Watch the tweaking synth lines that sneak in during the latter half of the track, and prepare for the damage this causes!

Stripping things right back, the 'fUcKed Dub' seems to be the mix most DJs such as Dave Seaman and John Digweed have opted for off early promos. From the moment the rolling bassline rumbles in, sending ripples through the groove, the intensity is dictated early on. As the hypnotic sounds and vibrant groove develop, you find yourself compelling drawn into the heart of this indie edged interpretation, and like it's vocal counterpart, just watch the chaos it causes.

Off the cuff and left of centre work by Andy Holt here, but still maintaining that warm and quirky vibe that is so typically a RIP trademark. With further Redanka projects in development, not to mention an album via his Situation 2wo project, the next few months will finally give one of the scene's most underrated producer and engineer a chance to get the accolades that he's been helping other people reap for many years already.

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