Artist: Red Jerry Feat BJ Robson
Title: When It Comes Around
Label: Hooj Choons
By: Simon Jones | 17 June 2003
  • A: Red Jerry Banned At The Roxy Mix
  • B: Red Jerry Airtight Mix

Red Jerry Feat BJ Robson "When It Comes Around"

Out Now on Hooj Choons

Following on from the superb 'What Colour Is Love' which was released back last year, the Lord Of Hooj himself, Red Jerry returns with another funky edged single entitled 'When It Comes Around'. This time he's enlisted the services of Bryan 'Nova Scotia' Robson to provide vocals for what looks set to be the perfect summer single from Hooj, and a post modern house classic in the making. Does it live up to such hype? Read on and find out...

The first of RJ's own mixes is the 'Banned From The Roxy Mix', a fusion of organic house grooves and crunchy beats, holding down a snarling electro bassline underneath. Over the top comes the vocodered vocal chords of Bryan Robson, cutting through laser delays and guitar riffs as his voice takes on a rather Kurt Cobain-esque sound as the the main line of the vocal is looped over and over, before being let loose in grungy, fierce fashion for a hard edged finale.

Over on the flip comes a more familar Red Jerry style mix, as the 'Airtight Mix' treats us to the smooth grooves and warm house chords that we have come to appreciate from this man. Swelling chords allow the beats to pass through, at the same time creating depth and atmosphere within which Bryan Robson's vocals float freely and gracefully, with soft guitar riffs providing the perfect backing to this sublime and sumptious remix.

Two slick mixes which compliment each other nicely, coming together to form perhaps one of the best singles of recent time on Hooj. Futher mixes will follow, but dont wait for those, this deserves a spot on your decks without haste.

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