Artist: Ramirez
Title: Hablando (Chad Jackson Mixes)
Label: Acetate Ltd
By: Simon Jones | 20 March 2003
  • A: Inner World Mix
  • B: Dark Horse Dub

Ramirez "Hablando (Chad Jackson Mixes)"

Out Now on Acetate Ltd

Originally released back in 1992, 'Hablando' went on to be the biggest of Ramirez's many singles. It has been re-released several times, first in 1997, then in 2001, with that being release hitting uk shores via UK Bonzai in 2002. Now it has been paid homage to once more, courtesty of Acetate Ltd and Twister's very own Chad Jackson. Following on from his singles, 'Rock' and 'Brake', Chad draws influences from his production and dj skills to deliver two very unique mixes.

To start things off on the a-side, we have the 'Inner World Mix'. Building around the now infamous and instantly recognisible riff, it kicks in with some soft percussive sounds, but wastes no time shifting gear into deep and tight breakbeat loops, with the infectious melody line of the riff building momentum right through the centre. Add in the powerful vocals and you have a mix that is guaranteed to get the floor moving and is practically guaranteed to work every time with it's familiar sounds.

However, the 'Dark Horse Dub' has it's mind set firmly on darker, more underground territory. It's tough kickdrum percussion line and acidic breaks grinding along with industrial might, an eerie futurisitic rework of the main riff subtly sitting in the undergrowth as layer upon layer of twisted sounds snarl across the soundscape, building to a sinister breakdown and heading straight back into it's no nonsense stance. One for the purists.

An interesting release for Acetate Ltd, but one which has paid off with surprising results. Watch out for the latest single from Hyper coming soon, complete with a remix from Noel Sanger, showcasing a rare breaks rework of 'Catnip' that will surely surprise many.

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