Artist: RND
Title: Ripples
Label: Looq Records
By: Simon Jones | 12 January 2004
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Jondi And Spesh Mix

RND "Ripples"

Out Now on Looq Records

RND are the transatlantic pairing of West Coast producer David Gropper and Tokyo transplant Robert Palazuelos. Meeting by chance on a course studying Japanese film and realising they had a lot in common, they soon ended up in a studio experimenting with various pieces of outboard gear and soon some music began to take form. Their debut track 'Ripples' has been in Sasha's record box for many months, and now arrives as the latest release on Looq Records, backed by a remix from the label's own Jondi and Spesh.

A deep bongo style drum arrangement slowly builds into the 'Original Mix', big pads carrying the groove along as trippy melody lines woven into the deep sub bassline. Soon an electronic flute synth is revealed that flutters over the top, bringing this deep and moody slice of progressive house to a stunning climax.

The 'Jondi & Spesh Mix' brings some West Coast flava to the dance, adding a vibrating bass effect to the groove, and like it's namesake, letting loose with a rippling groove laden with subtle key changes and smooth bass fills. The flute hook enters later on as before, but is sped up into a frenzy of electronic sounds and trippy drums, hammering onto the home straight for the grand finale. Massive!

'Ripples' is a fine track indeed, and having already signed up to Looq with a follow up entitled 'Nova Satori', expect to hear more experimental progressive sounds from this duo later this year.

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