Artist: RND
Title: Nova Satori
Label: Looq Records
By: Simon Jones | 11 May 2004
  • A: Original Mix
  • B: Josh Gabriel Mix

RND "Nova Satori"

Out Now on Looq Records

With their debut single 'Ripples' having found itself lodged into Sasha's record box for many months leading up to it's release, RND's name caught the attention of many people. A follow up to an inaugural release can sometimes be a difficult thing, but the duo of David Gropper & Robert Palazuelos have managed to deliver a single that matches its predecessor and in some ways surpasses it, and with Josh Gabriel providing the remix, 'Nova Satori' is a heavy hitter indeed.

The 'Original Mix' will hook you quickly with it's big ethereal sounds and moody arrangements, assembling a foreboding mood that grows as the track develops. Dark and sinister sounds float about from the very start, but when the beats start to bubble below the surface things take an interesting twist indeed. A subtle melody line soon enters, and before you know it the bass is drilling into your brain and excavating your mind as the hypnotic rhythms leave you zoned out.

'Josh Gabriel' builds things up on the flip side, providing a solid remix that will tear a hole in any speaker system or dancefloor it gets put up against. Big synth hooks ride over the roller coaster bassline, spiraling off course and through a series of minor drops, and picking up speed as they drive into the main section of the mix. As loops appear all over the place, the main drop appears without warning, providing the last surprise on this high octane aural thunder ball that oozes class and quality whilst keeping your senses on the edge of their seat.

As usual Looq deliver the goods, with another solid double header of which both sides will get repeated plays. RND's blend of driving progressive grooves and hypnotic rhythms has proven to be a winner on two occasions now. Can they make it third time a charm is the question?

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