Artist: Quivver Vs Audio Magnetics
Title: Digital Music
Label: Boz Boz Recordings
By: Devon Shaw | 8 December 2006
  • A: Hamel Mix
  • B: Seth Vogt Mix

Quivver Vs Audio Magnetics "Digital Music"

Out Now on Boz Boz Recordings

In September Quivver introduced 'Controlled Substance', a fine-tuned mix disc smorgasbord of John Graham's taste in breakbeat, progressive house and electro. Unsurprisingly snagging most of the attention was widely-acclaimed single 'Not Givin Up', which offered a catchy original and a series of remixes, many of them by Graham himself. Slightly overlooked was the seemingly innocuous 'Digital Music' with Audio Magnetics, remixed by Bill Hamel. The Magnetics (composed of Hamel and Barry Jamieson of Evolution fame) haven't made much of a splash outside of Ghetto Blasta Deluxe, but no matter.

First up is the 'Hamel Mix', which kicks off immediately with Bill's trademark spaced-out atmospherics and a snappy straight break that he's made such a tradition of. Arps, blips and a male vox complete the introductory ensemble, paving the way for the bass synth to zap and bounce around as it pleases. The mid-track breakdown decays into a thinned-out breakbeat before launching full throttle back into the bass-driven main drive. Fairly consistent throughout with not any serious shifts in direction, but a straightforward piece.

Kicking up the dust next is Seth Vogt, a partner-in-crime on Hamel's Sunkissed label in Orlando. Vogt takes a faintly nu-skool breakbeat approach, developing it into a full-on bass flood couple with grungy guitar riffs. With enough synth action and full vocal repertoire plucked from the original, the result is another straightforward but well-executed track suited for the midst of a peak-time set.

Upon final review the pair of remixes are more than suitable for club environments, but fall short of the "wow" factor that keeps DJs carrying it around for longer than a few months. In that regard it's a shame, given the quality of work by the multitude of people involved. But despite that, 'Digital Music' delivers above the competition and should satisfy the needs of borderline DJs who cross between house and breaks.

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