Artist: Quivver
Title: These Are The Days
Label: Boz Boz Recordings
By: Simon Jones | 18 August 2004
  • A: Vocal Mix
  • B: Quivver Dub

Quivver "These Are The Days"

Out Now on Boz Boz Recordings

It seems that a period of inactivity has served Quivver well, as since his return with the track 'Space Manoeuvres Part 3' earlier this year he's been on a roll. Having spent the last few months working on a forthcoming album project, he has recently remixed Ryukyu Underground's 'Seragaki' and also collaborated with Evolution's Jon Sutton on a track called 'Cold Rush', having also contributed to the forthcoming Tilt album, but this new single is without his best work of recent times, and perhaps one of his best ever.

'These Are The Days' is quality pumping progressive house epic, a melancholic track for the summer with an emotional vocal provided by Quivver himself. A devastating bassline beats at the heart of the groove, deep sweeping atmospherics and glistening melodies creating a panoramic journey that will captivate the minds of many. A more upbeat direction than we are used to from John Graham, but a beautiful track that has future classic written all over it, and one that has been played over and over repeatedly by me since I first got a copy of the record a little while ago.

For those of you who like the dark and dirty side of Quivver, fear not as the 'Dub Mix' will more than give you what you want. The bassline is twisted and contorted, with big pounding trademark beats locking down a solid groove to get the tension mounting, and haunting moods and sounds are used to enhance this. The payoff comes courtesy of an amazing filtered guitar hook and piano melody that momentarily drowns out everything else, only for the beats to pound back in at the end of the delayed drop in the breakdown, and by this time, it's job is done and the floor is yours to do with as you please, thanks to this stellar remix which in many ways even manages to surpass the flawless original.

'These Are The Days' is one of the biggest tracks I've heard this year. The production is second to none, and whilst the track may not appeal to some in it's original, I suggest you play both mixes loud, and you will see exactly why this is so good. With the aforementioned album project and collaborations with Rowan Blades forthcoming, it would seem that these are the days of John Graham indeed.

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