Artist: Quivver
Title: Four Fatties EP (Part Two)
Label: Boz Boz Recordings
By: Jason Calvert | 29 July 2005
  • A: Brothers & Sisters
  • B: Spittin Funk (House Dub)

Quivver "Four Fatties EP (Part Two)"

Out Now on Boz Boz Recordings

Part Two of the Four Fatties EP is definately equal in quality to Part One, but provides a different flavour of progressive to listeners. Taking a less daring, more traditional approach than its counterpart, Quivver fans who were not too impressed with Part One should definately give Part Two a listen, as the sound may be what they were expecting from Part One.

Brothers & Sisters will make long time Quivver fans feel right at home. An emotionally strong bassline sets up a solid foundation for the rest of the track to stem from. An enchanting melody rises out from the composition and makes its presence well known, yet not overpowering any other elements of the tune. A light vocal sample clicks in perfectly with other parts of the track, and a strong percussive element sets up a strong sense of direction. This is perhaps the strongest track of both parts of the Four Fatties EP.

The Dub version of Spittin Funk was thoughtfully included for those who found the original too intimidating. The track is stripped right back to its foundations, and the bassline has been brought to the foreground, with other elements such as the guitar sample and vocal pushed further into the background. This results in quite an interesting sound; a darker excursion than the original, but still retaining an element of groove. Personally, the Original Mix was an overall tighter track.

The diversity of the Four Fatties EP ensures that there is something for everyone on at least one of them. John Graham's production skills are showcased in many different forms, and when he changes his style, this EP proves that no quality is lost whatsoever, something which can happen when producers stray from a particular sound. Hopefully we can expect a good mix of quality and diversity from Boz Boz Recordings in the future.

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